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Until 2008, Nairobi’s urban growth was guided by a metropolitan growth strategy written in 1973. In 2008 the Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development released the “Nairobi Metro 2030: A World Class African Metropolis.”  This new strategy for growth was created as part of a national agenda known as “Kenya Vision 2030” and was designed to be a document that can be revised and modified over time.

To supplement “Nairobi Metro 2030”, the Ministry of Metropolitan Development launched an international competition to design a spatial planning concept for the Nairobi Metropolitan Region. This competition was launched in February of 2008, and the winning concept was chosen in early 2010. For a complete list of the spatial planning concept proposals submitted, click here.

The aim of Nairobi Metro 2030 and the winning version of the Nairobi Spatial Planning Concept is to address issues of “rapid economic growth, employment and balanced wealth creation, poverty alleviation, meaningful youth engagement, and a vigorous pursuit of regional equity” (Republic of Kenya, 2009) in the Nairobi Metropolitan Region.

The “Nairobi Metro 2030” growth strategy aims to transform the Nairobi metropolitan region into a world class African region that offers sustainable wealth creation and a high quality of life for its residents, by the  year 2030. Included within the “Nairobi Metro 2030” document are an overview of Nairobi’s challenges; a proposed growth management structure; a set of goals, strategies and actions for Metro 2030; and guidelines for world class metropolitan governance systems.


  1. (full report) Nairobi Metro 2030: A World Class African Metropolis
  2. (full report) Kenya Vision 2030
  3. Ministry of Metropolitan Development (website)
  4. Kenya Vision 2030 (website)


  1. Republic of Kenya. 2009. “Request for Proposals (RFP) to Develop a Spatial Planning Concept for the Nairobi Metropolitan Region” Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development, Nairobi Kenya.

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